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Take advantage of our contacts for Home Renovation

Some of you may know that in addition to selling real estate, I’ve also produced a lot of real estate-related television shows.  Among them have been home renovation shows for networks like Lifetime, HGTV and USA Network.  Because of this, I’ve been really fortunate to have worked with some amazing geniuses in the fields of home decor…great builder/designers, as well as incredible landscape architects.  We at REALESTATE-SANTAMONICA.COM would be happy to put you in touch with our colleagues, just ask! 

Many people view home renovation as the heavy-duty work that’s involved in creating their dream living space.  That’s completely true, and in addition…light home renovation is a great way to really spruce up your current home to get it to sell more quickly.  We’re happy to give you some helpful tips, to easily get your home ready to put on the market.


Here are a couple Home Renovation tips to get your started…

Outside.  Ok, if your yard looks like it was the set from “Sanford and Son,” you have a problem.  You may have the makings of a hit show on your hands, but you definitely could use some assistance.  But, that’s fine, we’re here to help.

1.  Clean the clutter.  Yes, it’s so easy isn’t it?  But you’d be surprised how many sellers neglect to clean the yard.  That means all the toys put away, no laundry on the clothesline…and dare I say this…no animal droppings! 

Cleaning the clutter also means trimming hedges, cutting back trees, and cleaning up that funky barbeque area.  If a potential buyer walks across your patio and slips on a puddle of KC Masterpiece, he or she probably won’t be writing an offer.

Basically you need to think objectively and ask yourself honestly as you view your yard: Would I buy this house?  If your answer isn’t a resounding “yes,” then you better get to work. J

2.  Make sure the grass is green.  This is another easy but often-neglected golden rule.  Remember that you’re trying to sell a home in the Los Angeles area, not Saudi Arabia.  If your yard isn’t green, let’s fix that.  If you have some extra money, and you’re in a time crunch, go with sod.  Roll yourself out a whole new lawn…and it’s immediately green.  If you’re long on time and patience and a bit short on the dough, throw down some grass seed.  This will take a few weeks to grow in, but you will definitely get a green lawn.  The last tip is one that’s reserved only for emergencies…yard dye.  You’ll need to consult a garden care professional, but it is possible to color the brown grass green.  This is only recommended for emergency situations though.

Inside.  Now that your yard looks so inviting that buyers are lining up to get in your house, let’s make sure it looks snappy.

1.  Bathrooms.  I feel like this tip is so basic, but it’s always good for us to have a refresher course.  We must clean the bathrooms, so that buyers are comfortable.  We want the buyers to picture themselves living here…we don’t want them to run for the hills!  Restrooms must be spotless and clutter-free.  I recently had an open house and the seller left the master bath in a not-so-nice state.  Not only was the bathroom strewn with dirty laundry, but there was a box of condoms left out on the counter.  I’m sure you don’t need me to go on about this, I’ve said enough.  Let’s just be sure and give our potential buyers a nice clean bathroom.

2.  Smells.  Here’s another easy and over-looked tip.  Your house must smell nice!  We don’t want buyers turned off because the home smells like a cross between a kennel and a locker room.  If you are having an open house, get all the windows open.  Fresh air does wonders to make a home smell appealing.  And here’s another easy tip…especially if you’re pressed for time.  Throw a little bleach or bathroom cleaner into your toilets.  Even if you neglected to heed the tip I just gave you about clean bathrooms, at least they’ll smell nice.  Lighting candles and air fresheners are also easy touches.  And before I forget…grinding a small amount of citrus rind up in your garbage disposal not only eliminates odors down there, but the fragrance also fills the kitchen.

The pro's can really take this to another level so please contact us for valuable resources and partners.


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