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Take advantage of our contacts for Moving

Now that you’ve bought your dream home, here’s a gentle reminder…behind every great new home is usually a great mover. 

From covering all your belongings in plastic wrap, to moving, to setting everything up in your new home with care and attention…a good mover is a must-have in any home buying endeavor.

We have a number of movers we’ve dealt with here.  And they’re all hard-working and trust-worthy.  Feel free to reach out to us if you need a referral, we’re happy to help.



Moving into a new Santa Monica home is a thrill…it’s the realization not only of your hard work, but also of your dreams.  Moving can also be a bit difficult and stressful, so all of us at SANTAMONICA-REALESTATE.COM have compiled a list of helpful tips that are sure to get you moving in the right direction.

1. Making a list…and checking it twice!

Before you start throwing your stuff into boxes, make sure you write down every item that goes into each box.  This will save you serious mayhem when you get to your new house and begin asking questions like “Where’s my ‘Hello Kitty’ lunch box?”

Your list should ideally be generated on your computer, so that you have a solid record of where your items happen to be.  Keep these lists in a file…and also print each list out and tape to its corresponding box.  See how easy that is?  You’ll be back with ‘Hello Kitty’ in no time!

2.  Supply…and Demand

Behind every great move…there’s usually a herniated disc.  But all chiropractic kidding aside, behind every great move there’s plenty of moving supplies.  Here’s what you need…

Boxes.  Boxes.  Boxes.  You will most likely need about 25% more boxes than you think you need.  So don’t scimp out here.  If you’re resourceful, you can always get boxes from the dumpsters of supermarkets.  That’s the common tip.  My tip to you is get boxes from the big discount clothing stores like “Marshall’s.”  The boxes are cleaner…since they weren’t filled with bananas or whatever…and they’re usually more solid as they haven’t been exposed to the moisture of many food products.

Paper & Towels.  Use packing paper and bubble wrap to secure your breakables.  Newspaper is okay in a pinch, but all that ink can really cause some bothersome stains.  You can also wrap your breakables in your towels…easy and handy.  And since you’ve made a list like I recommended above, you won’t lose your grandmother’s china in a box of “Hawaiian Tropic” beach towels.


You need lots of plastic tape for a move.  You’ll need it to close and/or build your boxes.  To make life a little easier, spend the extra money and get a tape gun.  These will enable you to simply roll the tape across the box and cut it to the desired length.  Moving isn’t easy…so any little contraption you can buy that helps you keep your sanity is worth the money.  And if you buy or sell your home through REALESTATE-SANTAMONCA.COM maybe we’ll just buy you your very own tape gun.  How’s that for a tip?

3.  We’ve Got Baggage

Don’t forget that you have a closet full of luggage.  Put those bags to work!  Fill them up with your stuff…especially stuff you may need immediately upon reaching your new home.  Fill a suitcase with your toiletries and a couple changes of clothing.  You want your first day or two in your new home to be as stress-free as possible.  A nice bonus to using luggage is that it’s easily identified…that fancy Louis Vuitton pullman will most likely be easier to recognize in a sea of your belongings than “Brown Box #12.”


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