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Seller's Checklist for Santa Monica Real Estate

1. Discuss all major financial activity/change with a tax advisor.

2. Determine the market value of your home by asking at least 2 local Realtors for a market analysis. Have them carefully explain their marketing campaign and the home sale process (to determine who will make it easiest for you).

3. Address clutter, do necessary clean up.
4. Have a well-advertised or private "give-away weekend" or a garage sale, for all those things you can "live without" (in your next home). Your Realtor can be invaluable and will happily assist in this effort.

5. Do some paint and carpet freshening. Clean up the garden.

6. Box up! You're going to MOVE! Consider hiring a storage unit until you move.  Take advantage of our Moving experts.

7. Coordinate with your Santa Monica Realtor, the best strategy allowing sufficient marketing lead-time to get your home advertised to pre-approved buyers. Professional photography for brochures and Internet, catering for broker caravan luncheon, full-page advertising display, open house protective service, etc., require about a week of pre-planning by your Realtor.

8. Have your Realtor help you "stage' your home or give you phone numbers for companies who will provide the service.

9. Pre-plan your move and the escrow procedure with your Realtor's help. Sit-down with a local escrow officer and ask questions, give them required data, wire-transmittal information, etc. Usually, you can choose your service providers.

10.  Remember that all of us at REALESTATE-SANTAMONICA.COM are here to help you!



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