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Selling a home is equal parts art and science, especially in a turbulent real estate market like ours.  That’s why all of us at REALESTATE-SANTAMONICA.COM are well educated in correctly selling our clients’ homes.  There’s a lot to what we do for you, so have a look…. 


We market your home expertly to get you the most visbility in the shortest time frame possible.  We get your home in front of other listing agents, other buyer agents…and especially other buyers! 

We use the Multiple Listing Service to put your home out there to all agents in the area.  Our team also sends out e-flyers that direct-market your home to another 50,000 plus agents all across California.

Additionally, we offer the most important marketing of all…the priceless networking among real estate colleagues, real estate investors and potential buyers that only experienced well-connected agents can offer.


We offer complimentary simple staging, so that you can put your best foot forward when your home goes on the market.  There’s a lot of competition out there, so we set your home apart by making it look its best.  We believe this is a great plus for our clients…and for us, it’s money well spent because it helps move your home faster, thereby saving the client money in carrying costs and avoiding unwanted price reductions.


REALESTATE-SANTAMONICA.COM will do a competitive market analysis of your home and your home’s area so that we can get you the most for your money.  We use up-to-the-minute comps so that you can feel comfortable knowing that your home has been priced correctly, and priced so that your home will sell quickly. 

Top-Notch Team

To ensure that your transaction is smooth and worry-free, we use a hand-picked team of escrow officers and title representatives who are the best in their fields.  And of course there’s your team of Realtors and your broker all working for you at REALESTATE-SANTAMONICA.COM.


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